Cursus Open your heart and enjoy workshop!

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Open your heart and enjoy workshop!

A lively experience in meeting new people. We can learn the most about ourselves, by really connecting with other people, while having fun.
• Did you ever told a stranger what makes you happy?
• Did you ever looked in someone their eyes without saying a word?
• Did you ever just listen to a stranger?

In this workshop the Group ambiance, openness and joy will diminish our judgments. This will create a safe environment, where you can slowly leave your comfort zone the way which fits you. The workshop is based on beautiful elements and exercises of life coaching, improvisation theatre, positively inspiring works, and meditation.

The goals you will reach:
• new insights
• be more open
• creating inner joy
• being more confident
• meeting new people
• letting go of judgments
• dealing with uneasiness

>>>Some reactions from former workshops:
The workshop with Marco Kool was a very lively experience, full of fun, excitement and a warm ambience. I got many new insights about how I communicate with the people around me. The experience helped me to be more open to the new people I meet, and to realize what amazing things happen when we can meet each other without judgment. Thank you Marco, for the inspiration and for the help to open my eyes. - Viola

A perfect balance between getting out of your comfort zone and feeling safe. A beautiful mix of being emotionally touched by every ones openness and slightly uneasy with being open. Between laughter and experiencing intense solidarity! I thought your build up was great, very well put together. – Jasmijn

In your workshop I opened up my heart. I laughed and the joyful child awakened in me. I also learned to look at a person's soul, to feel what this is doing to me and let me be touched. You have guided the workshop so light and playful. It was a pleasure to experience this. - Asta
To participate the workshop, you need to send a message in advance. The investment in yourself will be 10,00 Euro.

Looking forward to another great experience.
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