Sport Games from around the world

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Games from around the world

The focus of this sports event is to connect people of different backgrounds together, to play games that are widely played across all continents of the world. This include (but not limited to) Arm wrestling, Football, volleyball, Basketball, Table tennis, Sjoelbak, Spijkerpoepen and more! Reminding everyone of the great times they had playing such games in the past, and how these good memories can be carried along to this new community where we find ourselves.
Even interesting is the fact that winners will receive a gift voucher!
Why this project?
This recurring event is one way to increase contact of refugees with the community; secondly, language will not be a barrier in this case, as many sports and games can be played by people who speak different languages and who cannot oftentimes understand themselves through words. Therefore playing traditional and international sports and games will be a new way to discover where cultures meet and where they uniquely differ.
More importantly, we hope to use this as a way to assist refugees, (especially children) who are finding it difficult to adjust to their new society, to better integrate by playing common games with others from different backgrounds, and at the same time holding on to important aspects of their cultures, which form part of their identity, while integrating in the Dutch society.
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